Kiss his Morning Wood
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Brutal Honesty is my Policy. Get Real or Go Home. Dominican & Rican. 17. Sex & Men , Music, Art, Basketball & Photography .. 2nd Tumblr .. Formally known as Conyomijaa <3 .

Slightly Dangerous is a Sexy Lifestyle .

Anonymous said: It's long throbbing and ready to cream your asshole

Mmm .. do it .

Sunday July 17th
joshua-the-best-there-is-deacti said: what are you wearing?

I sleep naked ;) .. just me, my vibrator, my pillow & my hand

Sunday July 17th
Whenever I feel a little horny, my followers lend a helping dick <3
Sunday July 17th
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Yeah, I’m horny if you couldn’t tell.


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Sunday July 17th
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Anonymous said: I'd like to fuck your asshole until you shit on my cock

Mmm .. how big’s that cock ?

Sunday July 17th
Anonymous said: i thinkk that made my dik kina hard mami
I'm hit u up wit my icon talk to me private i'll give u something to touch ur pussy to

Ok ;)

Sunday July 17th

Hey boo what’s the wink for lol 

Sunday July 17th
Anonymous said: damm baby dats sexy only 5 more

pussy or ass??
how u like tha cock??
u like given hed??
u ever do 3sum??
were r ur handS??

Pussy .. Long and thick .. Yeah .. Yeah but with 2 Men .. ahaha You caught me ;)

Sunday July 17th
lordoftheinstrumentals said: Ayeeee Your My New Blog Buddy Ayeee #TeamFREAKS Lol

Lmao <3 .. Mm I’ll gladly join 

Sunday July 17th
Ugh I Love my Followerrsss
Sunday July 17th
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romandior18 said: I go in the pussy face first
Many don't understand my oral thirst
I'mma part the lips with both hands
Ready to fulfill all of your demands...
SLOWLY lickin' up and down ya clit
Then my tongue enters inside ya wetness
My fingers slide in to hit ya G-spot
I hear ya startin' to get breathless
Twitchin' occurs on ya vaginal walls
All you hear is my slurpin' sounds
Ya grab my shoulders real tight
As ya pussy's walls cum tumbling down
Juices cover my face like flood waters
I injest the nectar released from within'
Your orgasm earthquakes are normal 5's
But how I did it baby, this one was a 10
I got ya pussy quivering from my techniques
You on cum'n in my mouth multiple times
Aftershocks ensue, ya liked that huh boo
As these severly wet sheets show ya orgasmic signs .

by me - christian answer this private to

Mmm yeah baby come do this me now .. ughh yess .. I’m all wet now .

Sunday July 17th

And who is filming this?


And who is filming this?

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Sunday July 17th
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Sunday July 17th
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Anonymous said: virgin??
what ur pussy look like??
tittie size??
how u masterbate??
spit or swallow??

No .. Fat .. 38CC .. Fingers & Vibe .. Swallow

Sunday July 17th
Anonymous said: you like having your asshole licked?

Mmm yeah 

Sunday July 17th